Philip C. Leiter Photography

Environmental Portraiture – capturing your family and loved ones in a meaningful environment. As a newspaper and magazine Photojournalist, I specialized in taking what were called environmental portraits of interesting personalities within the community served by our publications. Employing personal elements taken from the subject’s surroundings and lifestyle, these portraits helped capture an image that truly reflected their unique personalities. Applying this same technique to family portraiture, Phil Flash Photography will deliver truly unique images you and your family will enjoy for a lifetime. 

Fees: I price my photography as I would a typical photo shoot in the field. What you are paying for is my time and expertise as a Photojournalist. Each client is unique, so for simplicity, I will offer the following Day Rates.

1. Half Day
– Four hours in any location (within a 40 mile radius of Hudson, Ohio*) that is meaningful to you and your family. A favorite gathering place, restaurant, amusement park or setting. Please avoid extremely low-light situations (such as midnight bowling, golf, paintball, etc. – there are other ways of representing these activities).   $350 plus mileage* and admittance fees (if necessary).

2. Full Day
– A “day in the life” of your family. I will spend an entire day (8 hours) filming your family as your life unfolds. This could be the normal routine of your day, a special outing (any photographer’s admittance fees, etc. are the responsibility of client) or family gathering.  $500 plus mileage* and admittance fees (if necessary).

3. Weekend Special
– Three days (24 hours) either consecutively or in three separate settings. This is perfect for those getaway weekends at the family cabin, a special cruise or vacation spot or “destination wedding.” Note: All photographers’ travel expenses for lodging, admittance or other fees are the responsibility of the client.  $1,500.00 plus mileage* (if any).

Prints and Reprints:
If you prefer to handle your own printing, you will only pay the above rates and receive a fully loaded media drive with full resolution digital files and one-time printing copyrights for printing as many copies as you wish to share with friends and family. I will advise on proper type of photographic printer paper(required). If you wish to have prints made by me, use the following price guide: 3x5 color prints - $1.50 each (10 or more; $1 each) 5x7 color prints - $1.50 each (10 or more; $1 each) 8x10 color prints - $3 each (10 or more; $2.50 each) 11x17 color prints - $4 each (10  or more; $3.50 each)

Custom Black & White Archival Portraits

– With the advent of digital photography and a camera in every phone, serious family portraiture is virtually non-existent. Because these photographs are rarely printed, but shared on electronic devices, they never become a permanent record – at least one that is not dependent on proper digital backup and storage maintenance. As someone who loves history, I enjoy seeing photographs of my ancestors and the ancestors of others. We all love those old, yellowish-brownish (the proper term is called sepia-tone) pictures with the stiff poses and serious facial expressions. The fact that we are seeing an image that was printed on paper more than 100 years ago is part of the magic. Current digital photography, even when committed to paper has a dubiously short shelf life – often less than 10 years. Is it possible that future generations will have absolutely no way of knowing what Grandpa and Grandma looked like!? As a solution to this potential dilemma, Phil Flash Photography is offering you black and white family portraits committed to negative film and printed on archival paper that has a guaranteed life of at least 75 years – longer if mounted under glass. Why black and white? Because the chemistry involved in making the image is a natural element (silver nitrate) that has a very long shelf life. Color chemistry is an artificial dye that begins to decay as soon as it is exposed to light. The colors will fade over time.


One Sitting: This will be a three hour sitting somewhat similar to a formal family portrait you see in those old-timey photographs (except without the serious expressions). This can take place in your home, my home or a favorite setting (not like the ones used in the environmental portrait). I will use a film-based SLR camera and, in some cases, electronic flash illumination.

​$350.00 plus travel expenses (if necessary).

Sitting fee includes (2) 8x10 custom black and white photographs printed on Ilford Galerie FB (Fiber Base) Digital Silver professional paper. All prints are processed in liquid chemistry to archival standards. 

Additional prints:

5x7 - $50 ea. / 8x10 - $72 ea.  / 11x14 - $100 ea.  / 16x20 - $175 ea.
24x36 - $350 ea. / 40 x 60 - $750 ea.
Larger sizes up to 48 x 120 are available upon request – ask for price quote.
 *Mileage fees are calculated at .56 per mile